Historic Sites
in Weehawken

The New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places are lists of locations which the State and Federal governments have designated as being important parts of our historic heritage. The sites on this list represent all places in Weehawken which have been placed on these lists.


Date Listed

Erie Railroad Pier D and Piershed
Hudson River at Harbor Boulevard

NJ: Sept, 1984
Gregory-Highpoint Historic District
Gregory Ave, Highpoint Ave, Lincoln Pl, Zerman Pl

NJ: May, 1995
Hackensack Water Company Complex
4100 Park Avenue

NJ: Aug, 1979
US: Jan, 1980
King's Bluff Historic District
King Ave, Hamilton Ave, Bellevue St, Kingswood Rd, King's Bluff Rd

NJ: May, 1995
Lincoln Tunnel
Weehawken to Manhattan under Hudson River

NJ: Feb, 2003
Lincoln Tunnel Entrance and Ventilation Buildings
NJ 495 at JFK Blvd E

NJ: Feb, 1991
NJ Route 495 Viaduct ("The Helix")
NJ 495 over Baldwin Ave and HBLRT tracks

NJ: May, 1995
NJ Route 3/495 Approach to Lincoln Tunnel Historic District
NJ 495 between NJ 1&9 and the Lincoln Tunnel

NJ: Nov, 1999
North (Hudson) River Tunnels
Amtrak NE Corridor under the Hudson River, Bergen Portal to 10th Ave Portal, NY

NJ: Nov, 1998
North Hudson Hospital
4300 Park Avenue

NJ: Apr, 1980
Shippen Street Double Hairpin Ramp
Shippen St at Hackensack Plank Road

NJ: Dec, 1997
Weehawken Municipal Building
400 Park Avenue

NJ: Feb, 1990
West Shore Railroad Tunnel
HBLRT tunnel under Bergen Hill

NJ: Feb, 1991