A look into the history of the Township of Weehawken, New Jersey via pictures, postcards and other artifacts.

(392) - The Bridge That Never Was

Circa: 1930

Had Gustav Lindenthal had his druthers, Weehawken would have been the New Jersey terminus of the West Jersey Bridge linking 57th Street in Manhattan and the northern edge of Weehawken.

Here are some links to web pages about this bridge that never was:

  • A Span for All Seasons

  • NYCRoads also has a very good writeup of this bridge that never was.

  • Weird Hoboken - This page has some interesting information, but mistakenly puts the NJ side of the 57th Street bridge in Hoboken. The Hoboken stone is actually part of the foundation of an earlier proposed bridge from West 23rd Street in Manhattan to New Jersey.

    Thank you to David Denenberg of Bridgemeister, for clearing up some confusion about this interesting bit of Weehawken-iana.

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